A unique end-to-end solution

360° solution managed by our team

Create UGC at scale with no hassle.
Let your team focus on what’s important.

360° solution managed by our team

We take care of every detail:

Powerful dashboard with insights

We run video “Creators Challenges” at scale using our smart and secure technology

Increase the organic traffic to your website

Obtain insights of content creators and their followers

Generate more sales opportunities

Key capabilities


Track the performance of your creator challenge with an easy to understand tracking dashboard. Deep insights on your content creators audience.

White Label customized template

Fully customized content section according to your brand guidelines & needs

Ready to use templates

Easily, adaptable to your brand, responsive and ready to launch

Personalized content feed & CTA

Drive participants to engage and take action

Contest voting

Everyone can get involved, whether they create content or not

Fraud detection

Advanced systems to ensure a fair contest and clean data

Direct gallery link

Users can link directly to their submissions, increasing page views and interaction

Geo targeting

Deliver your campaigns to certain users based on their geographic location.

Responsive design

Designed to be mobile responsive for users across all devices

Language Support

Offer dynamic content in different languages and regions

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