UGC is content marketing gold

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For the past few years, user generated content has overshadowed other marketing trends and consistently delivered by far the best results to publishers.

The days where brands spend big to mix shiny advertisements with ultra celebs and make tons of money as a result are long gone. The tide has shifted, and it all comes down to one thing; people trust other people more than they trust brands.

Millennials and gen-z users create the most user generated content (UGC) and with their dominance in the digital ecosystem, brands that will fail to leverage UGC will only slip further and further behind. 

At Vetch, we’re aware of this and are developing the next generation of content marketing.

We are the official UGC provider of Intel’s Gaming Access program, showcasing high quality content of nano-influencers across high profile gaming campaigns. We provide an opportunity for small content creators to put their content in the spotlight.

After six successful months of partnership with Intel, we are happy to announce the expansion of the partnership, adding 10 new showcase sections of different game titles this quarter.

A showcase section is a unique web page dedicated to promote a specific narrative through curated videos, in this case – a game title. We provide Intel with hundreds of personalized videos, improving consumer engagement, reducing bounce rate and increasing user satisfaction.

The value of UGC marketing is no less significant in the ecommerce world and we’re excited to share that Vetch is on the verge of launching a new revolutionary product that will change the ecommerce ecosystem entirely. 

Let’s take a dive into what Vetch Commerce is really all about.

We’re developing the first ever personalized discount platform for shoppers. Vetch Commerce will enable any shopper to evaluate their true influence during the purchase process and get a personalized discount in exchange for a social post. 

As of today, no platform truly evaluates the value of influencers based on their ROI. Existing platforms focus on raw metrics such as follower count, likes, post frequency and comment sentiment rather than pure ROI, leaving the merchants confused and without the data they need to really succeed.

Most stores that experiment with influencer partnerships fail before they find a good fit. 

Vetch Commerce will end this problem for good.

We expect our new product to launch in early November, and there is already a wait list of stores craving to unlock the power of AI driven influencer marketing.

We are still looking for stores to join us and take part in our private beta program. If you’re interested, then send us an email to and we’ll set up a time to talk things through.

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